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I discover my passion for writing through role-playing video games like Final Fantasy and books like Goosebumps. But way before I even knew how to properly construct a sentence, I've always had a vivid imagination. I often got by school based on instinct and creativity alone as I spent a vast amount of my time fantasizing. I've often seen things to be better than they should be. Call me a "dreamer".


I move to Toronto, Canada as a teenager. It took me a while to get over the culture shock. I had bouts with depression and social anxiety, which only contributed to me developing my writing further. I became part of my high school's Newspaper Club and a few of my articles made the front page. In particular, my scathing review of our cafeteria food was my editor's personal favourite.


I earn my degree in Media under Public Relations after starting under Journalism. Then I graduated with honours and immediately pursued internships on the field. My first role came with a volunteer organization, Family Service Toronto, where we promoted non-traditional families through our online gallery.


I complete a post-graduate certificate in Sports Marketing. While I enjoyed working in the non-profit field, I have always been a sports fan and did some martial arts as a teenager. I landed a Brand Ambassador role with Nintendo, which brought me back to my first love of video games. It was heart-warming to interact with passionate kids (and adults like myself) who reminded me a lot of my childhood.


I begin writing for sports websites including Roger Sportsnet initially as a contributor for their UFC section. As a lifelong martial arts and sports fan, this was a dream come true. I then pursued writing as a full-time profession and began contributing to various websites in sports, alternative lifestyle, and entertainment.


As I grew my writing, I also pick up additional skills in social media, digital marketing, blog development, and design. I learned more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics. I took additional responsibilities as a Social Media Coordinator and helped grow my publisher's social media presence significantly.

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