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What Social Media Suits Each Justice League Member

Despite how powerful and all-knowing the Justice League can get, they still need to stay connected with the rest of the world. After all, they need to understand the people they have sworn to protect, and social media is the bridge that will connect them.

Just like how every member of the Justice League has their own set of powers and roles, so does social media.

Beyond Facebook, there are close to a hundred other platforms all designed for a function. But as busy as the Leaguers are, they won’t be spending most of their days dabbling through dozens of social media (and neither should regular people).

Instead, there are one or two specific platforms best suited for each league member. Depending on their role, character, and skillset, here are the social media platforms that suit each Justice League member:

Superman: Facebook

The most popular superhero (Batman fans will argue vehemently) gets the most popular social media platform. Facebook has over 2.2 billion active monthly users and is the most recognizable platform.

It’s also the platform that has the oldest user base on average. Yep, Facebook is for the oldies. All the young’n’s are mostly using Snapchat or Instagram.

Superman, despite virtually never ageing, is the most old-fashioned member of the league. Countless iterations later and he’s still the prototypical boy scout who leans right on the political spectrum.

Not that Facebook caters to right-winged users, but it’s not as skewed towards progressives as other platforms like tumblr.

Facebook is perfect for Supes because it’s one of the most user-friendly platforms. It’s also where most of its users are authentic and are on the platform to socialize, champion a social cause, or take part with the numerous groups on it.

As someone who probably still prefers to take walks in the park and drink coffee without looking through his phone, Supes hardly cares to dabble with the dozens of social media accounts. But he needs to stay connected with the world to some degree. Hence why Facebook should suffice.

Batman: LinkedIn

It’s hard to imagine Batman giving a hoot about social media. The man doesn’t even socialize unless he’s out wearing his mask as the billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne. And that’s where LinkedIn fits in.

It’s more accurate to say that Bruce Wayne, not Batman, needs LinkedIn. As the majority shareholder and face of Wayne Enterprise, Bruce needs to show some transparency. Creating a business page for Wayne Enterprise is a given but he could set one up for himself.

Setting up his own page also allows him to connect with other individuals for both of his roles.

Among Batman’s many roles is being the human resources manager for the Justice League. No league member gets in or out of the world’s most powerful group without going through the Dark Knight.

As an ultra-resourceful hero, Batman probably goes through every social media or news source on the net to find the information he needs. If it’s on the web, he will find it.

And this isn’t limited to the Justice League, but the many people they deal with whether they are government agents or regular joe crooks.

LinkedIn would also offer him an additional resource to do a quick background check on the many Leaguers, especially since most of them still have day jobs.

Wonder Woman: tumblr

The Justice League’s most prominent female member fits perfectly with the most female-dominated platform. Tumblr is a hit among millennial women and is one of the best networks for progressivism.

Although mostly used for entertainment, tumblr serves as a great platform for social activism, which is right up Wonder Woman’s alley. Her sassy demeanour and propensity for snappy dialogue is a perfect match for the platform’s tone.

Facebook would be an alternative to Diana, who may be the most technophobic of the Leaguers. Growing up in Themyscira, she isn’t the type to spend eight hours a day going through a smartphone. But she is also the most socially conscious and the one who is most involved with the community.

Twitter would be too fast and spammy for her and Instagram just won’t hold enough depth to keep her interest.

It would take her a while to get into tumblr, especially with the different media she has to be acquainted with: GIFs, memes, pop culture references etc.

But what sets tumblr apart from the rest is how its users can create a blog around a specific theme or cause. Social causes with a liberal slant tend to be the most popular and as a champion of women’s rights and progressive values.

Cyborg: Mix (StumbleUpon)

As the most technologically savvy of the Leaguers, Cyborg could easily go through hundreds of types of social media platforms within a few seconds and not break a sweat. Having him on this list is kind of a formality. But let’s suspend some disbelief (ironically) and narrow it down to one, Mix.

StumbleUpon was around since before Facebook but has only started getting traction, especially after its revival as Mix. It’s kind of like Pinterest with a broader scope.

Users get to pick what they are into from a set of broad categories and Mix sets them up with various websites that fall within the space.

And just like Pinterest, users get to add and share their interests.

Cyborg could take this to a new level and create multiple accounts and go through every single website within every category. He could even make his own categories and subcategories allowing him to scrutinize every news item or data across the web. Hardcore.

Alongside Mix, Cyborg could also benefit from social news aggregators like reddit, Hacker News, and

For a superhero who processes exabytes of information like he was drinking a soda, Cyborg needs these platforms that provide as much info from around the web.

Aquaman: Pinterest

Pinterest is the fifth-largest social media platform just outside the big four (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and Google+). Although it is a distant fifth, this is quickly becoming one of the most popular, especially among businesses.

It functions differently from the likes of Facebook and twitter and is a more tailored social media. Simply put, Pinterest is the social media for hobbyists.

Users create boards and pin different images that suit whatever theme or category they are into: fashion, home décor, recipes etc.

Living in Atlantis, Aquaman must have his own specific set of needs. Every Leaguer is unique but only one main hero lives underwater. That would make shopping a bit trickier (since Amazon probably charges extra to deliver there), especially since The King of the Seven Seas is still so fond of the human world.

With Pinterest, King Orin gets to create his own royal set of whatever he fancies. And it can double if he were to run an Atlantean business that caters to the surface dwellers.

Pinterest is invaluable in creating and propagating a need among potential customers.

Aquaman can create boards of the unique Atlantean home décor or new innovations in aquatic tech. And someone who can speak any language on Earth, he could easily cater to any demographic.

Flash: twitter

The fastest man alive gets the fastest social media. Twitter is the platform with ADHD. Even after they’ve increased their character count to 280 from 140, the point is still to create itsy bitsy content that takes five seconds or less to consume.

Twitter still operates a lot slower than a man who can literally run through the time and space continuum, but it’s a start.

Since Flash is also the ultimate multitasker, he’s become involved in a hectic lifestyle. Outside of being the Flash, he’s a husband, a father figure, and a scientist.

Barry Allen is also a curious thinker by nature and thanks to the Speed Force, can learn about many things at the snap of the finger.

Twitter allows users to customize their timeline using twitter lists. The platform also caters to what it deems most important to the user based on which kind of tweets and accounts they interact with.

What makes twitter shine is how it can single-handedly become a user’s source of news. A lot of news break on twitter and a lot of things that happen on twitter become the news. Flash could easily load his account with millions of news sources and he could sift through them within seconds.

Green Lantern: Instagram

There have been many to don the iconic ring but whether it’s Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner or John Stewart, Instagram is the ultimate social account for any of them.

As a content producer, the GL’s will give a new meaning to #travelgoals thanks to their space-faring occupation. Picture Jordan taking selfies on a lush living garden world that requires #nofilter.  Or Rayner posing with the Blue Lanterns in the colourful planet of Odym.

Their adventures would also be A+ material for Instagram stories and the newly launched Instagram TV. The Lantern Corp would shoot up the rankings of Instagram influencers within seconds.

They can also draw inspiration from the different accounts.

Stewart, who is the most technically gifted in his constructs would benefit from following machinists or engineers.

Rayner, who is a graphic artist creates imaginative constructs and would do well showing them off or following other artists to get new ideas.

And Jordan just loves to show off and is the stereotypical guy who is into anything death-defying.

Most notably, the GL Corps would kill #squadgoals with group selfies, especially if they collaborated with the other corps. The rainbow-coloured crews would fit right into the most visually-driven platform.

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